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ID Card E+


I retired in November 2019 after working 20 years in an European Institution.
As we planned to move permanently in Spain, I returned my E+ card to the town hall and get F8 document stating I was deleted from the national registry and from their evidence. I ceased the contract for the rented house in Belgium ( Flamish region) and all utilities.
Advised fiscal authorities in order to stop filling the fiscal declaration for 2020 and settle the fiscal declaration for 2019.
And we left Belgium.
My question is : after less than 6 months in Spain ( where I did not register as resident yet) I decided to go back to live in Belgium. I have to apply for an E+ card, get a rental home/address. I am medically insured with my previous employer. Probably I will have to go through the whole process, similar to a new applicant for residence. Do you know if they are going to consider my previous 20 years stay/work there since one of the condition is to have lived in Belgium for at least 5 years. We had, but now there is a gap of 4 months to the day. Thank you.


Go to the maison communale and ask.

Jan 23, 2020 09:36

I /think/ you lose permanent residency rights after 2 years out of the country.

You should find that you have just been "radié" from the commune. This means you're no longer registered as living there. I can't imagine that your national records would ever be deleted.

Jan 23, 2020 17:46

Consult your local commune or a public notaris. Was it very difficult to settle in Spain? I heard that Spanish banks act like cowboys and any simple paper works takes forever. Was it difficult to settle there?. mihai58 I am curious about your Spanish experience. Please post your direct email address.

Jan 25, 2020 21:05