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Ice Hockey


Hi All,

Firstly i would like to wish all the XPAT members a happy new year, does anyone know if there is a bar in Brussels where i can watch Ice Hockey, i follow the Toronto Maple Leafs.



Go to Fat Boys in either Place Luxembourg or Schuman. They show just about every sport there is as long as there are no big conflicts such as 1 person asking for something strange in the middle of a champions league night.

Jan 8, 2014 15:56

I follow the Leafs as well. ESPN America used to show a few games (If you had the correct cable package) but then ESPN America left Europe and BT Sport (Out of the UK) acquired the rights. Depending on where Fat Boys gets their satellite link, they may not have ESPN America any longer - but it’s definitely worth a try.
Other options are to listen to it on web radio or to arrange a Canadian or US based iTunes account and get an NHL Game Center Live subscription - you will additionally need to get an account with unblock-usDOTcom which will allow you to appear to be in Canada (or the US) so you can get the games live streamed. If you go this route, I suggest a US based iTunes account so you can additionally get NetFlix and HuluPlus - in either case make sure your internet package includes “unlimited” download.

Good luck!

Jan 8, 2014 16:53
Bruce M

I would subscribe to and purchase a subscription to Easy-Hide-IP. I believe is $169 for a year. I watched all of the international junior championships recently on and Easy-Hide-IP. Easy-Hide-IP is abouit $30 per year. With the Easy-Hide-IP you can also watch Netflix or HuluPlus or Amazon or other streaming sources. You can also choose an IP address in the UK and watch BBCiPlayer and other BBC programs. If you choose to use Easy-Hide-IP it seems to work best if you erase all of your browsing history first. Not sure why but it works better that way. I have been watching Netflix in Belgium for about a year now without any problem. However, you have have to have a credit card from a bank in North American to subscribe to Netflix. Go Leafs.

Jan 8, 2014 23:50

I would do what the poster suggested above except that a VPN is not necessary. I subscribe to NHL GameCenter and watch games on my iPad and through Apple TV through a Belgian IP address.

Mar 12, 2014 11:46