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Huissier de Justice demand


Received a demand for an "unpaid" medical bill for EUR95 dated Nov 2015. I will also have to appear in court and can expect a fine of up to EUR200. I recall having medical treatment but I am certain I never received a bill, nor a reminder. The letter did not contain a copy of the hospital's original invoice. I have paid the fine (and penalties) and have emailed the sheriff's office explaining the situation and asking for a copy of the invoice. What else should I do? This is a first for me! Thanks.


Go to the hospital and ask for a bill.

Dec 13, 2017 00:00

The papers that the huissier gave you will have the details of the unpaid bill. If it doesn't then it is probably a scam.

Dec 13, 2017 15:26

ALWAYS is correct. Go in person to the hospital with a copy of your Belgium identity card and ask for a complete copy of the invoice that needs to be paid. One usually receives a few typed pages that shows what medication and treatment you received and where and when and on what dates and an invoice that needs to be paid. Printed on each sheet is usually your name and identity card details and the names of the medical persons who treated you. You can also go to your sickness insurance company in Belgium and ask them for a copy of all the information. Your sickness insurance company will also have a record of what medical bills you have received and paid. That is why they have a computer database. You can also ask your bank for a copy of your bank statements and check them.

Dec 13, 2017 17:19

Did you expect the treatment was free? aid the bill went astray it did go and get the bill pay promptly then if you go to court you can explain

Dec 16, 2017 20:54