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HP ink cartridges


Does anybody know where HP45 and 78 cartridges are available? I am also open to alternative cartridges. I have used HEMA and have not been very happy. Suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you very much.


I've used for years and have always been happy. They have original and 'own brand' cartridges. I've no idea whether the prices are particularly competitive as I'm happy with the good service.
Delivery is by post and you pay by bank transfer after receipt

Mar 18, 2019 14:42

I also use Very good service, prompt and reliable. You enter your printer model, and they return the various options.

For example, the Deskjet 1180c uses the two cartridges you quote, 45 & 78.

They offer the original HP cartridges, or off brand cartridges at a substantial discount.

Mar 18, 2019 17:23

I suggest a Google search 'cheapest ink cartridges for HP45 and 78'.
I got all my double easy pack ink cartridges from a UK website; ordered and for it at the weekend. Despite the exchange rate and postal costs it was globally a lot cheaper and arrived 4 days later.

Mar 19, 2019 19:37
kimtan_rme Mar 19, 2019 22:58

They have most everything and stores all over Brussels:

Mar 25, 2019 12:03