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How to Change Cat Behaviour


The attraction is probably our two female cats, which are in and out all the time, but a neighbourhood tom cat keeps peeing on my front and back doorsteps, right up against the door and the wall. I can't seem to get rid of the permanent cat odour and the situation has now become a bit of a nightmare.

I've tried everything to dissuade the critter: pepper, mustard, various sprays suggested by friends with cats. The vet says this is a behavioural problem with the tom and that I'll just have to live with it, so now I'm desperate.

Does anybody here have a tried and true method of putting an end to this unpleasant offence?

Mmany grateful thanks in advance.


hi we found a water pistol with very dilute ammonia in in by which I mean none toxic level was fab, we just used to spray the cat when ever it appeared and it soon got the message more smelly cat here
alternatively try a super soaker and just water the cat will soon change it's mind.

Jul 2, 2013 19:09

Get a dog...he'll take care of tom

Jul 10, 2013 17:06