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House Selling??


Someone I know told me that in order to sell my house in Ixelles I need to have
approval from the commune, and I have to complete a form known as
Formulaire de demande de la regularité de l'affectation d'un immeuble..
This seems a bit strange to me, even for BE. Does anyone have any experience of knowledge of this!


I haven't sold a house in Ixelles recently, and although you don't need approval from the commune to sell your property, you do need a certificate confirming the permitted usage of the property in accordance with the urbanisme (CoBAT Titre VII, CHAPITRE III, Art. 280 - 281)

There are a bunch of other certifications you'll need to get as well such as a PEB (energy certificate) and a certification that your electrical and gas installations are (or are not) up to standard. These are all things you'll have to organize and pay for yourself before you can sell.

Technically you need to get these before you even put the property up for sale, but in reality, most advertisements just ignore it, or say "en demande" which basically means you've "forgotten" or are about to ask for them, and most people don't actually get them until after a firm offer has been made on the property.

This is a good example of why you should speak to your notaire first. It costs you nothing as all the notaire fees are paid by the buyer.

Jan 26, 2018 18:53

Your notaire should be able to tell you exactly what documents you will need - and when - and should also be able to tell you what sort of price your type of property is currently actually selling for (as opposed to be advertised at).

As ANON says, your notaire won't charge you for this.

Jan 26, 2018 22:28

A certain number of regulations exist so that at least when properties change owners, works are done to put them to updated standards.

Often the seller has to do it BEFORE putting on sale so that the buyer can have a good idea of the "hidden surprises" of purchasing that property.

The works must be done by the buyer within a certain time frame.

The seller must confirm that the property meets the regulation in respect of urbanism or will need to get that in order. The buyer could also step out of the agreement for "false/incomplete" presentation of the property

Jan 29, 2018 06:15