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My family and I will be coming to Tevuren after the new year. My sister and I (aged 9+12) are really interested in horse riding, so we are in need of a stables in and around Tervuren. We are currently in Holland at a stables based on dressage, which we'd like to continue, but we miss being able to do jumping and cross-country like we did in England. We don't own our own horses, and we would love to be able to help around the stables without the difficulty of not being able to communicate with the other girls helping, so somewhere where a few expats go would be great. I am also looking for somewhere I could possibly have a part time loan on a horse. Thank you very much for your help.


Dear Izzy, take a look at this. Lots of links to various stables. I don't ride myself but understand there are several stables in and around the Foret des Soignes, not a million miles from Tervuren. Lord Newcastle is very well known. You might get more detailed responses from others on this forum. All the best,

Dec 22, 2012 16:48

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