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Home schooling for a child of an expat


Dear All,
I am looking for some information and guidance for my child for home schooling. Additionally, my wife is a certified teacher, Can any one of you guide me as to is there any government authority/ organization which can guide me in this system of home schooling? I am ready also to send her to some tutions as needed.

Thanks in advance for your help !!!


I am wondering why you are choosing home schooling. I have been here 5 years and have 3 children settled in local schools. The schools were very helpful in getting the children up to the necessary standard. It took about 6 months for the children to become fluent. While living here, you have a unique opportunity for your child to become fluent in French or Dutch. Meet other children, become integrated in their local community. The only reason I would choose home schooling would be if my child was near final exam time in their own country. I will be returning home to Sweden soon and have given my children tuition in Swedish in addition to their normal schooling. Nothing else and I am confident they will have no problem fitting in again when we get home.

May 22, 2015 17:42

I know the Christian Center used to have a home schooling group (not necessarily of children who go to the Christian Center), maybe you can contact them and the could give you more information.

May 23, 2015 18:37

Home schooling is an activity generally associated with the far right or religious extremists here. If you have to ask, I'm guessing that you fall into neither of these categories, but beware of you're letting yourself in for and consider your motives carefully. Also, consider what "guidance" you may get carefully.

You do not get help from "the government" if you choose to go down this path, but you do get inspected to make sure your child is educated properly.

May 23, 2015 23:17

Thank you KATIE, NAN and J.
I am not for home schooling either but then my child is 13 years old and have very important years ahead of her for education. So I want her to go to a school with English as one of the languages. However International schools where medium of instruction is English are very very costly and out of my reach. SO I was considering the option of Home schooling because she would be at par with the students in my country where the medium of instruction is English. I plan to shift back to my country in a year or two.

May 25, 2015 12:26

Hi, my family and I will be arriving soon from Peru, my son is 14 years old and my daughter almost 13, they are being homeschooled right now both are fluent in English and Spanish, I have noticed English schools in Belgium are very expensive, are there any homeschoolers group in Bellgium? I would love my kids to learn French as well but Ido they need to know French before registering them to a local French school?

Jul 3, 2015 20:07
James Gordon-Ball

Hi, we are also in the same boat, we can't afford the international schools but need to find the right education for our 12 year old daughter. She has been at a school in Brussels which used an open teaching system for the last 5+ years. When we enrolled her it was assured that she would be able to move through to the high school of the same teaching process but now the government have changed the rules and she is on a waiting list again. If she cannot get through then we have no other option but to home school her as the state schools are very regimented and totally different to the open education process my daughter is use to. We're looking at the UK CGSE system via Oxford Home Schooling, you have to pay for it but it seems to offer all the right support for both parents and students.

Aug 28, 2015 15:58

In case anyone reads this thread, I organize a homeschool co-op in the Brussels area for English speakers. You can contact me through this website:

Apr 28, 2017 23:49