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Home schooling in Brussels


Can anyone offer advice about home schooling in the Brussels area? My daughter is currently on the waiting list for a high school but if she isn't able to get in then we have no other opportunity but to home school her.

She has been studying through primary school for 5+ years in an open education school in Brussels, and was hoping to continue through the to the high school which uses the same education process. But due to changes in the rules she now has lost her right to automatically go through to the high school of the same teaching process. The state high schools are totally different in their process and she will find it very hard to adapt to them after all this time, so hence the need for home schooling.

We are considering the UK GSCE system and would like to hear from parents who are doing the same... plus any advice about the legalities is also helpful (we know it is legal to home school but there seems to be issues with a UN form?)...

Thanks you in advance for any advice/help...


Try Facebook. Several groups might help.

Aug 31, 2015 01:32

Maybe you can ask information for the program in one the international British schools in Brussels or ask the british embassy in Brussels.

Sep 11, 2015 12:21