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Hello , i am here in belgium menen with my family for 10 days now and i have a kid 11 years old who is speaking arabic english and greek but no one word french or dutch . He have also ADHD that cause him learning difficulties .
Need to ask if there is any center for ADHD or any school for special education or if its a good idea to put him in home schooling system and if this is possible ..
I will be greatfull to know more information from u if u can share it with me . Thank u


If you are able to get fees paid the international school of brussles does an excellent job with nine English speakers and also learning support but it's very expensive to fund if work doesn't pay.
There is an ADHD support group for English speakers. Who maybe able to offer guidance
But local schools do require your child to pass exams and to be able to do this local language is required. Some children do join later but they may struggle some schools offer some kind of language immersion first but I don't know which. Ibwould suggest you also find a good doctor to assist you with care and maybe medications

Aug 9, 2017 20:54

As you'll know by now, Menen is as near as you can get to France and still be in Belgium but it is officially in Flanders so the language of the local schools should be Dutch and Dutch language schools have a good reputation for coping with non-Dutch speakers.
Danish friends put their 7 year old into a local school. He couldn't speak anything but Danish and there were no Danish speakers among staff or pupils. He was a challenge but they managed and was up to the level of his classmates within a few months.
Your first step should be to talk to the staff at the local school and take their advice.

Aug 9, 2017 22:10

If you are interested in the International School of Brussels (though it does seem rather far for you if you are in Menen) they do offer financial help.

Aug 10, 2017 15:50

Isb is 2 hours from menen. Their special needs unit is full and costs around 45k per year, they offer no financial help.

You should contact a local club in menen and present evidence of medical assessment. Flemish school system is now trying to integrate special needs into mainstream, cynics claim it s for financial reasons.

Aug 14, 2017 14:40

Sorry should read cllb, it s the Flemish community education extra support service.

It s incorrect that local schools require passing exams, it s clear that s said out of ignorance. Flemish and french public schools cater for special needs and some children in Flemish and French schools will never be capable of taking exams.

Aug 14, 2017 14:46