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Holy Art: Pop-up summer show in Brussels explores a variety of digital art

Holy Art- Peace and The Parrhesia Diptych: Cassandra and Clytemnestra-Evie Salmon
16:07 19/07/2023

As one of the most influential art centres in Europe, Brussels has been chosen to host a pop up digital show from 25 to 27 July.

The Holy Art gallery based in London and Athens, chose Brussels, Amsterdam and Paris to stage its series of touring digital exhibitions Art on Loop-Europe. The artworks on display will depict an eclectic range of digital art on canvases, photographs and even sculptures on high definition screens.

Organisers promise the pop-up exhibition will be a celebration of contemporary art and technology, inviting the international audience in Brussels to explore different cultural perspectives that promises to be engaging and innovative.

Peace 2022 Evie Salmon (3)

Brussels-based academic, writer, filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist Evie Salmon shows two pieces that are entitled Peace (pictured above) and The Parrhesia Diptych: Cassandra and Clytemnestra (main image).

The former is a digital collage and acrylic painting on reclaimed canvas inspired by the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. It depicts two suns over a curious landscape, both of this world and another world with no trace of human presence. The destruction of the Kakhovka Dam on 6 June in Ukraine gave further significance to the image, says the artist, as it was an example of geography and war colliding with horrific consequences.

Evie Salmon

British-born Salmon (pictured), an academic of modern and contemporary literature, art, law and cultural history at the universities of Leuven (KUL) and Cambridge, told The Bulletin: “It is particularly interesting for me to show art in Brussels and I am in discussions to show more.  I am looking forward to it being seen by the internationally-minded public here in the city. I am also looking at ways for it to do some good, perhaps fundraising for the people of Ukraine.”

Salmon’s second work consists of two square canvases with 24 carat gold leaf and brass leaf that she created also using phosphorescent pigment seawater on reclaimed canvas. Her inspiration was the two mythical ancient female Greeks referred to in the title: symbols for truth, goodness and freedom of speech.

The Holy Art curators have revealed some of the other Belgian-based exhibitors at the show. They include multidisciplinary artist Stephane Vereecken, Glenn Van Heugten, a visual artist and founder of NOX Light Art,  photographer, artist and educator Stefanie Schaut and Chanterax, a contemporary international artist who specialises in abstract and recycled artwork.

British-based art curators have opined that digital art exhibitions such as Art on Loop-Europe are rising in numbers as they are viewed as a good alternative to the more conventional displays. This is largely due to logistical problems posed in the aftermath of Brexit. Bureaucratic complexities involving moving art works from the UK to continental Europe have caused major obstacles in the organisation of international exhibitions.

For more information contact: or Tickets are free but you can book them online to secure entry.

The Holy Art
25 July, 19.30-22.00
26 & 27 July, 12.00-17.00
Rue Ernest Allard 17
1000 Brussels

Written by Kim Revill