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Hi all,
I was employed with a Belgian company until mid 2022, after which I left because I accepted a job offer abroad; the Belgian company gave me a holiday certificate after my departure.
However, in a few months I will come back to Belgium to work for another Belgian company.

In this sense, my question is the following: is the holiday certificate released by my previous Belgian company still valid and usable in the new Belgian company ?

Thank you in advance for your replies !


Ask the PR people at your new employer.

Aug 14, 2023 10:39

It’s valid. In 2022 you accrued your holiday rights for this year, and you have a right to take those days off this year at your new employer.
To keep in mind that when you left your previous Belgian job you were paid the salary for your accrued (unused) holiday days in addition to your regular salary, and your new employer will deduct this amount from your first salary. Then eventually when you take your days off you will be paid for them again.
It’s somewhat complicated way to make sure that the employee has right for their paid hols but the new employer doesn’t have to pay for days accrued at previous employment

Aug 17, 2023 20:04