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Holiday at the Canary Islands


Hello! My wife and I would like to have a relaxing one-week holiday, together with our three-year-old son, in the beginning of June. We are considering the Canary Islands. Ideally, we would like stay at a hotel with facilities for children. We would very much welcome any advice on arranging a holiday in the Canary Islands (e.g. which island, which part of the island, which city, what type of accommodation, any specific hotels, travel companies etc.). Thanks in advance!

PS: Please feel free to make fun of us for even daring to consider a relaxing holiday with a three-year-old child. :)


Hi! We went to Tenerife when our daughter was 3 months old!!! We traveled with a last minute offer from Jetair. (it included flight, hotel, and airport transfer to and from the hotel).

We stayed at this resort on an all inclusive formula:

I think with kids it's best to take and all inclusive - you have basically meals in a buffet format, which is easier to handle than waiting in restaurants. If the baby was whiny, we popped out of the restaurant, drank champagne on the patio and went back later.

The resorts usually have a miniclub, which organise activities for kids on the resort. The resort had also a couple of types of paddling pools, minigolf, mini disco, things like that.

Tenerife is a nice island, it has a bit of everything - busy places like the playa de las Americas (shopping and clubbing), a volcano for nature walks, a really nice zoo (we hired a car for 1 day to visit it - it's cheaper to do it in advance over the internet than organizing it there). You can also sign up for boat trips, etc.

May 2, 2012 19:43