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Hello readers i tried to reserve a holiday to turkey for xmas break from this site in den i chooose out 4, thinking i will discuss this later with my hubby. To my surprise after having decided on which to take, am ending up asked to pay cancellation fee which is half the price of the others am not taking. I called the customers service to tell them immidiately that i will only take 1. there i was informed not possible so i need to pay for damages?¨please advice


It's not very clear what your problem is here. Did you buy a holiday online for 4 people and now you only want 1 person to travel and they are going to charge you a cancellation fee for the other three? I understand there is a cooling off period for online purchases of 7 days but i don't know if this applies to travel. You could check their cancellation policy on their website and contact the consumer rights organisation in Germany for advice. Hope you find a reasonable solution.

Dec 6, 2012 18:49