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My young adult son has relapsed into a severe state of depression, self medicating with a combination of sleeping pills, cannabis and alcohol.We have asked him repeatedly to seek help which he has refused. He has self harmed before, but because he was 18 at that time, the doctors said they could not do anything (regarding his mental health) if he did not seek help himself. I am at my wits end and am trying to save my own mental health in order to cope with this difficult situation. Can anyone recommend me a health professional in this specialised area who will be able to help me and give me the tools to help me help my child please?


Sorry to hear what you're going through. You're not alone and there are people who can help you.

I don't know if you need English language or not, but this organization provides support. In the immediate short term through their 24/7 helpline, and longer term through counseling and mental health support.

Dec 29, 2020 12:55
Helen CC

I have a similar situation and really feel your pain. I would love to make contact with you and I can tell you of the paths we have taken so far. Certainly I have a list of things not to do and places not to go to! Personally I wouldn’t recommend CHS at all! Please contact me:

Jan 2, 2021 00:42

Do you or your son speak flemish? there is a wonderful center called St Alexius in Gimbergen, they can help you both.

Jan 4, 2021 11:48

In case you are not familiar with the area, JULIENEVILLE's post has a typo.
The place is Grimbergen. It's just outside the northern edge of the outer Brussels ring and, even if you don't speak Flemish, I would be very surprised if there is no-one there who will be happy to help you in English.

Jan 5, 2021 11:28