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Help, taxes!


Been living in Belg for 8 years

In the past I did tax on-line, but got a nasty shock when I made a mistake one year and they started sending me letters in Flemish, etc, quickly became a big bureaucratic mess

So in recent years I go down to my tax office and they do my taxes for me (in 2 mins). However recently I've been down twice and there are queues of 100 people, I don't have time with work to wait for this

I tried logging in to tax-on-web with my log in USB dongle and ID card. It works, I get in, but it Will Not give me ANY option whatsoever so do my taxes online. Unless the system is messed up right now, I'm fairly tech savvy and cannot get it to give me the option (only as a third party accountant)

1) Is there an issue with tax on web right now anyone know?
2) If no, is there the possibility since I haven't used it since 2014 that it's simply "locking me out" of the option to do taxes online (it's nowhere on the dashboard)

3) Is there someone I can pay to do my taxes for me, if so, how much does it cost approx? and where can I reply?

Any help would be fantastic, thanks

No smarmy comments please, I spent an hour queuing this morning, and 2 hours trying to do my taxes online


No need for help - site is now working and giving me option to do my taxes online

Jun 21, 2017 20:13

For others: if the site is buggy, try using another browser. This year, Firefox worked best...changes every year it seems.

Jun 22, 2017 18:11