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HELP! looking for short term rental (JULY)


Hello fellow xpats
I'm moving in July, I need a place to stay for 15 days approx. whil I go apartment hunting to have our definite place to live. We are a small family of three. I tried airbnb, but what's left is either too expensive for us or too far from Montgomery, which is the area I'll be moving around. I can pay up to 700 EURO for the 15 days. Can anyone help?


Hi, I have one option to offer you. Can you please send me an email to

Apr 4, 2017 15:00

I have an apartment that will be free in july, located between madou and square ambiorix. You can contact me by email .

Apr 4, 2017 15:30

Do not part with money unless:
- You have seen the inside of the apartment
- You have a contract
- You have a copy of the ID card of the person renting it.

Rental scams where you pay a deposit and rent upfront are not unheard of, and you should always be suspicious of someone offering to rent out a property at below market rates.

Also, beware the possible legal implications of renting out a property casually without making suitable checks on the tennant first.

Apr 5, 2017 11:13

Unluckily I have no opportunity to see this apt beforehand. I'll be arriving in Brussels in July and I live in Argentina

Apr 5, 2017 11:49

And another thing - be VERY careful what you sign, or your 2-week thing could end up as a 3-year binding rental agreement that you can't get out of.

i.e. make sure you read and understand every word of any contract you are asked to sign before you sign it and have an understanding of the legislation that it is based on.

Apr 5, 2017 19:10

Why dont you stay at apart hotels. They rent out by the day, week, month year etc. That would be one of the safest bets.

Apr 5, 2017 22:55

I agree appt hotels are usually central they will have small cooking area and you won't need to clean or sheets they do it. This means you can move out when you need to. Also three weeks to find apartment is ok but contracts don't always commence next day so be aware of this. If you're moving for a job ask your company to help you book into somewhere whilst you house hunt they can't expect you to move without hunting for a place to live in person

Apr 6, 2017 09:22