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Dear all,

I am SAS programmer and am primarily looking for freelance work as a data analyst in Brussels. I've worked in government, and private industries on health, education and social projects. I'm also interested in the biostatistics industry.

I recently arrived in Belgium from the US and have experienced some of the same problems other members have faced, namely the reluctance of employers to obtain a work permit for me after the application process.

I would greatly appreciate any recommendations on finding short-term freelance roles or small projects in Belgium. I'm also Bilingual (English and Spanish).

Many thanks!


Look on and enter the countries you want as well as key words that may be associated with your skill set or business requirements. Freelance will be an issue as well if you do not have a work permit but you never know.

Jul 23, 2019 20:28

Freelance is arguably easier, as you can get a "professional card". Once you get one of these, life will be easier.

For jobs, try:

Jul 24, 2019 09:16