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help - exhausted


Help please. Feeling very down. I know there are many reasons - looking for work for a year, not in a relationship, and most of all, always tired. I have ruled out all physical causes so probably a slight depression due to the no job/no relationship thing. But now I have breakfast and fall asleep again for hours, this is new. I need help focusing and getting my energy up again and would really like suggestions.

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Maybe you could go to the gym, meet with friends, go out, do something fun...or you could even talk to social services. Talk to professional counselor/social assistant. Belgium has lots of social organisations in different aspects, sometimes people just don't know about it and sometimes they don't know where to start. Try to enquire with You may go directly at their office in Beurs. They can help you or forward you to another organisation. I hope I help you somehow. Thanks! Goodluck!

Dec 8, 2011 12:46


It is already a good step asking for help. In case you are interested, I offer free art therapy sessions (you just need to bring your own materials, or use the one that I have for very little money). Art therapy can really help you put things into perspective and get a new view on your life. It can really help in building your self-esteem which is directly linked to depression. If you need more information check out:

Best of luck,


Jun 15, 2014 19:19