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I am living with a partner now for sometime.
The relationship has soured.
It is a question of time before we split/move out etc.
I am not having my privacy respected, etc - other party wants to talk to me, I do not want, will not leave me alone.
If I leave now or sooner than planned I may be away from this "harrassment" but I fear that all connections (tenancy, use of rented apartment, etc) will fal to be (in that i broke the lease contract etc) and I'll be in some ways worse off.
What to do in a situ like this?.


Usually talking to the person is a good first start rather than asking the internet to solve your private problems

Jul 17, 2017 14:09

Whether you want to or not, you are going to have to start talking to your partner.
It goes without saying that, if you move out, you lose the use of the apartment.
Who signed the lease? If you, you are responsible for the rent until you give notice and pay any relevant forfeits. If your partner, then you can go and you will have no legal obligations but if you both signed then you are both liable whether or not you are still living there. The landlord won't care who pays the rent so long as someone does.
A common problem in this situation is that neither of you can afford to pay the rent alone. If you move out it follows that you are going to have to find somewhere else to live but you may also be, effectively, leaving your partner homeless by your moving out.
You really have to talk to each other.

Jul 17, 2017 15:25

I would suggest you urgently find a person to meditate the situation for you to make your current situation better and make a split of it happens less difficult. There are several relationship counsellors advertsing and I would say what ever happens if you already feel your are having this kind of invasive treatment that this would be the best way to stop it becoming very negative. It's not always about saving a relationship but an equitable split is very difficult to achieve if people are on different places and it sounds like your partner isn't thinking as you do. Good luck

Jul 18, 2017 07:40

"What to do in a situ like this?"
Go for mediation and start talking.

Jul 21, 2017 23:43