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heating bill of ISTA


Hi my friends,

i am living in 22 sqm small apartment and the heating bill for 8 months is 948euros.
meter readings are 1119 units. we are not really used heating much.
i have a bill that landlord gave me.

i just need to know how this bill makes. how can i reduce this bill for next months ?
what if i turn to electric heating.

I am new to Belgium and bit hard to understand the system.

thank you and have an nice day...


It's a bit difficult to make assumptions without seeing the actual bill itself and how it is composed. Usually in those invoices there are different charges combined together.

However with a pure estimation I am inclined to say :

- do not switch to electric heating as electricity is more expensive in Belgium.
- did you have the metres reading when you first enter and did your landlord calculated your bill based on the real consumption and not from the invoice he received with the management company which usually cover a well defined period (I would think from 01.01 to 31.12 but sometimes is different).
- you are entitled to receive or request invoices where the costs are clearly marked. Based on those bills you can assess if what you paid is correct.
- do you pay monthly charges as a provision for the running costs? (elevator, cleaning, heating, light in common area, etc).

As you see there are many variances and it is difficult to give the correct advice. There are association for tenants (and landlords too) that can help you to read these bills and check for correctness. But you need to subscribe and most of the time is done in the local language.
You do not have a belgian colleague who can look into it as a favour?

Mar 26, 2019 16:15
Sumedha Prabhath

thanks for the reply and

- i thought to buy just one electric heater for the room. is it also too expensive ?
- i have meters attached to heaters. and i have separate bill for me.
- i have the invoice and i would like to send it if you give me some way to send please
- i have paying some cost with the monthly rent for heating and water ( water bill will come in future). this time its exceeded and i feel it too costly.

this bill is only for the heating and its comes from ISTA

Mar 26, 2019 20:10