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Health Insurance for "Retiring in Belgium"


My wife and I have obtained a residence visa to live in Belgium. We are retiring there from the USA. We will return from time to time to the USA and so are keeping for now our health insurance in the USA. I have Medicare and the F Supplement. My wife has insurance through the Marketplace. Given that we have that insurance, what health insurance do we need? I read that we must have some before we register - which will be in January 2019. Thanks for your help!


You should take our separate health insurance in Belgium. Your US policies will not cover you over here.

You basically need to make voluntary social security payments and then sign up with a "mutuelle" who will take responsibility for your health insurance.

See a pretty comprehansive guide here:

Also - I know you haven't asked for it, but I would STRONGLY advise you to get proper professional advice from a US financial advisor who specializes in expatriate US citizens BEFORE you leave the US. There are a whole bunch of things you should do (financially) which will make your life an awful lot easier if you get them sorted out before you get here.

Oct 3, 2018 13:43