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Health Insurance/ Mutuelle


I am confused about health insurance.
We are a family of two adults and one child using a mutuelle and getting refunds for some portions of medical expenses.

My husband wants to change from the mutuelle to Euromut becaues of some benefits he sees. Is Euromut a private health insurance or is it a mutuelle also under the national system?

Secondly, are dental services free (fully reimbursed)for children or adults if you are a member of an ordinary mutuelle? I have read that is the case. My husband is attracted by the 'dentalia' package on offer by Euromut.

I am also soon taking up a new job which will offer a 'hospitalisation plan' ...I think this will be enough with the current mutuelle cover??

Sorry to be dense but I am really confused and cant piece together the info I am reading on websites to make decisions about this.
Thanks for any advice.


There is not a huge difference between Mutuelles. The biggest ones are Partenamut, Euromut, Mutuelle Chrétienne (St Michel in Brussels), Mutuelle Socialiste, Mutuelle Neutre/Symbio.

Ordinary dental fees for children will normally be fully refunded, if you use a conventionné dentist. Adult fees depend on the dentist to a large part, plus treatment. I wouldn't get Dentalia unless I knew I would use it. All the mutuelles have hospitalisation plans as extra, which I'd only buy in to if I didn't get it covered as part of a job package.

I don't really know what you mean by "changing from the mutuelle" as there is not one mutuelle. Which one are you with?

Apr 16, 2012 17:34