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headache doctor


Can anyone recommend a good headache doctor?
Also a good g.p. in the Schuman/Schaerbeek/Ettebeek area?

Sarah Crew

Discuss with GP and get referral to neurologist - you may have to wait a few months for an appointment. In the meantime, consult local pharmacy.

Aug 19, 2015 15:35
Mark L-W

For finding a GP or Dentist try calling the English speaking Community Help Service on 02 648 40 14.
They have lists of the above and can help with a great many things.

Aug 20, 2015 19:47

Have you already been to any ?

You could find English speaking GPs here :
Just enter your address and find around you

Aug 23, 2015 14:49

I went to see this guy 3 times, had no migrain since.

Also if you need a GP, I highly recommend Dr Boucher (Etterbeek Medical Center) He is the best. :)

Sep 3, 2015 23:53