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Has anyone found a way to listen to BBC World SErvice Radio in the car?


BBC World SErvice Radio was what made traffic jams in Brussels actually quite enjoyable. I was somewhat thrown (ok...devastated!) when it went off the airwaves in Marchg last year. We have an internet radio at home but it's a bit bulky and it's really the car where I miss it the most! We have an FM AM radio with no long wave.


I had exactly the same problem! FM AM radio with no long wave. However I now use my phone to access it over the internet. You'll need a audio input jack on your audio system in the car. I have a nokia e5, and the "Internet On GSM Comfort" for €8.25 per month data package from Proximus. I use the data package for pop email, and probably 30-45 mins of internet radio every day and have never exceeded the download limit of 250MB / month. Just be careful never to listen to the radio outside of Belgium, unless you have a data roaming package as well.
Still haven't worked out how to get BBC R4 yet, but working on it!!

Apr 22, 2012 18:08