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Hand Held Blenders



With the weather getting colder I want to start making some home made soups in the coming weeks.  Thing is I need to get a hand held blender.  Does anybody know how much I can expect to pay for one and where would be the best place to get one in the centre of Brussels?

Thinking it may be cheaper and easier to get one from Amazon...


I got mine at Media Markt in central Brussels. Check their promotions online. I remember when I got mine the price seemed to depend on several factors such as brand, number of extra attachments, or things like that. It was easiest for me just to have a budget and go from there. I think I spent about 45 euros on a Bosch and it has three attachments plus a measuring cup. You can certainly find ones cheaper, but at least for me I was starting out fresh with no small kitchen appliances and with the attachments it meant that I didn't need to buy a couple of other things, so I also saved space. 

Oct 11, 2011 09:18