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Hall rental with kitchen


Where might I find a hall or seminar location to rent for a weekend that seats ~100 persons (classroom style). The challenge is to find a location that allows access to a kitchen which allows our own cooks to use it.

Brussels region with easy access by public transport is required. Accessible parking is a bonus.

Fancy is not required. Budget location is okay since it is a weekend event for your people.


There are a few websites you can use to search, here is one such.

Every commune will have a hall to hire too, you simply go googling or phoning to find them.

Sep 4, 2016 10:00
Nikhil Sharma
i think you should go for google for this to get best result.there many website which will provide best result.

Sep 4, 2016 10:55
hyssop64 Sep 4, 2016 14:30

If you or anyone involved reside in Overijse they have a building linked to the commune that can be hired I don't know the cost called something like kamp Kwadrat

Sep 5, 2016 08:25