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Hair dyes and chemicals


With the recent exposure abou the risk of reptitive use of hair dye, all of which seem to contain the ' P ' culprits etc galore , I am no longer going to 'do' my roots at home.

What about hairdressing saloons? Do they also use commercial hair dyes containing risky chemicals? or is it a superior product?

I have written off Henna - as it seems more trouble than its worth, its coverage of grey hairs could have you ending up looking like a cartoon character, and research shows that user friendly Henna itself often has dubious chemical also.

All that remains is the "meches" that I can think of at any rate - as it doesnt touch the scalp. Could comeone tell me what is its suitability for covering grey roots. ie it wont get the actual tips bu most of it surely, how often is it feasible to get the meches re done. the grey roots need doing every 4 weeks. Has any one any other ideas or any info on this.

Many thanks


Have you seen these?Some 'botanical' hair dye..this might suit?

Nov 24, 2011 11:03