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Gymnastics Classes for 6 year in Uccle area


Hello - we are new to Brussels from America and looking for gymnastics classes for a little 6 year old girl. We are in the area of Uccle/Observatory neighbourhood. Any ideas where I can find a place to help her get her energy out in gymnastics???
Thanks for your advice.


Hi I don't know about uccle but my son was in De gympies at Hoeilaart, they met Saturday in the sport centre was all in Flemish, Age divided but instructors could speak some English.
Also BSA (Brussels spots association) do run many sports worth checking what they do.
All the best

Aug 3, 2014 16:47

Thank you so much I will look into it! I really need her in gymnastics regardless of language!

Aug 3, 2014 20:22