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Gym information in Brussels.


I am interested in joining the gym at arts loi, however before I proceed, I would like to discuss to find out whether any one is a member of the Art Loi location and if they can give me any feedback on the gym and roughly a guide on prices and how many membership packages exist. I hear there is a possibility for children to undertake swimming course. I have attempted to call but unfortunately no one responds, sony insider info would be fabulous.


Emille B.

Unless you are already a fitness addict , most gymmemberships are a waste of money.easy to adhere , very difficult to stop, the moneyflow.
Most communes have a swimming pool where swimming lessons/courses can bought , without any monthly fees.

Jul 15, 2015 16:49

Yes maybe you can find a gym there in Arts loi area there are a few gyms but if you go to basic fit there is no swimming pool and no advice! As Emille B said about swimming classes it could be a good idea to swim in a swimming pool that belong to a commune where you can easily find a teacher at good price.

Aug 5, 2015 21:21