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Guichet d’entreprise


I'm looking to set up as a 'indépendant'. I have consulted an accountant who is able to complete the formalities, but the rates seem very expensive (given my situation: this will hopefully be a stopgap while I search for a full time job, and I may not earn a huge amount, so paying large sums now may not be cost effective). Can freelancers deal solely with a guichet d’entreprise or is an accountant indispensable?


You definitely do not need an accountant. There are two stages to this, registration at the guichet and getting a tax number at the tax office. You can have the guichet do the tax thing too for a small fee. You can call them for information ahead of going there. I think it costs about 170 € al together.

Jan 4, 2016 20:42