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I am going to spend the next 24 months in UK during Mondays to Friday, then back home to Belgium.  Should I get a uk gsm for during the week. I ill be making calls within UK and also to Belgium.I will have no landline

Will someone explain to me what are the differences please between uk and belgium systems. Here I just bought a phone, walked into Carrefour, bought their sim card et al, stuck it in the phone and voila i was in business.

Do you have the same system in uk available or is each phone tied to its provider or what. Many thanks


I would always reccomend getting a pay and go card and if you have a phone with 3g then try and install skype or something so you can use that to call home for a lot less cost. As for the phone block it is normal in the UK that if you buy a phone that is tied to a provider so it only costs you 10 or 15 GBP then they will block it for any other cards. 

Sep 13, 2011 10:53