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Grocery shopping in Mons


Hey everyone, I will be moving with my family to Mons this August, I wanted to ask if anyone knows how much it would cost for groceries monthly. Good places to shop for fruits and vegetables and specifically seafood-fish in Mons. Any help is greatly appreciated!


Colryut for most things, Carrefour for fish, Delhaize for quality.
As you don't state if any of the kids are still in nappies or if you're a value-brand fan, cost is impossible to answer.
You can work out what you'd buy here:
or here:
Mons is only 30 minutes from Frence, where you ought to find larger and cheaper hypermarkets.

Best for quality is usually the local markets.

Jul 31, 2018 23:37

Depends what you buy... You don't say how big your family is, the composition of your family or whether you're looking for cheapest, best quality, markets, supermarkets etc. As J says, links above can guide you.

Aug 2, 2018 14:22