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Grocery delivery in Brussels


Can anyone recommend a shop to order groceries (bottled water in my case) to be delivered to the house. I usually use Caddy Home by Delhaize but I'm tired of their electronic order system not working properly and would like to change to another provider.

rose waisberg

I think Colroyt have a delivery service.try them. Good luck!

Sep 22, 2014 11:29

Delhaize does not seem to have much competition in the home delivery area. Carrefour has a webshop, but you have to pick up your order from a physical shop. The same with Colruyt as far as food is concerned. Colruyt does deliver the Collishop purchases to your home, but that site does not sell food. Rob delivers but they don't have an online shop; you have to give them a call or e-mail them your order. And the delivery times seem rather restricted.

Just out of curiosity, what kind of problems are you having with the CaddyHome order system? I must have ordered from them at least 50 times over the years and have never encountered any problems with it. Ok, it's not the most beautiful of systems but it works ok.

Sep 22, 2014 11:33

If it is mainly for drinks/water try:

Sep 22, 2014 12:47

This morning I couldn't validate my order with Caddyhome, other times it's password problems etc.

Sep 22, 2014 15:55

I wish CaddyHome did have some competition! I've used their home delivery service for years and never had major problems, but the prices have gone up very steeply in the last two years or so and the range that they sell seems to have diminished. The availability of popular items can vary too.

Sep 23, 2014 10:14

In connection to your question, as I am tired of carrying water bottles, I want to ask something else. In southern European countries, you see delivery of 19 L containers where you can put a pump on top. They are delivered. At work places, there is SIP Well company. Their containers are connected to office type water distributors. However, when one goes to their website, no price is quoted. Is this a very expensive service? Does anybody have an idea?

Sep 30, 2014 18:26

I don't live in Belgium, I'm looking to place an online grocery order for my mum who lives in Belgium. I was hoping I could pay for it, however, all the ones I've found (Carrefour and Delhaize) all seem to be pay on delivery. Does anyone know of one where you can pay in advance, prior to the delivery?

Jun 16, 2015 03:49

Free delivery at the moment

Sep 29, 2015 22:12