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Green Paper of Mutuality


Please advise me that when I receive Invoice from Hospital, I also receive a Green color Paper with it but need to know that while submitting this to mutuality, what I should do from following options.

a. Only submit green paper.

b. Submit green paper along with invoice copy.

c. Submit green paper along with original invoice.


When you get the invoice, you should pay it. Then put one of your mutuelle stickers/vignettes on the green paper, and send ONLY the green paper to the mutuelle.

The mutuelles refund you based on set amounts and set refund percentages per treatment. Some hospitals charge more, some charge the set rates. So the mutelle don't need to know exactly what you pay. They use the information (codes) on the green paper to see what treatments you had and then refund you the set amount for that treatment.

Nov 28, 2011 12:19