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GP experience


Hi there,

I'm a British GP in Brussels and interested in understanding more about British expats' experiences with General Practice in Belgium ; pros and cons so to speak, compared to the UK perhaps.


If I was being cynical, I would guess you are simple placing an ad for your services.

In answer to your question based on 3 different GP's I have had over the years.

They usually work alone from their own home and have a couple of friends who stand in when they are on holiday.
I always get an appointment in 48 hours. Sooner if urgent.
I always see MY doctor (was rare in large UK practice) who knows me and my history.
I rarely meet anyone in the waiting room. (UK always full of ill people!)
He has time allocated for me and if it is quick, he will do some other checks.
He seems to have quick access to clinic or hospital services when needed.
I don't have to get past a guard on the reception desk to make an appointment. He or his wife will take the appointment. Now also available online.
I pay my money and get most of it back on my account within a week.

It's not totally free, but I am happy to pay that small amount.

Dec 14, 2020 09:39