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Government formation under way after first meeting of five parties

10:02 02/07/2024

Belgium is on its way to forming its next federal government after the first meeting between the five parties expected to form the coalition: N-VA, Vooruit, CD&V, MR and Les Engagés.

Representatives from the five parties were brought together by Bart De Wever (NVA), who was appointed by King Philippe to lead the coalition talks.

The proposed federal coalition was already dubbed "Arizona" by some ahead of its first meetings on Monday and Tuesday.

Those meetings have not included negotiations yet. On Monday the representatives received a presentation by the National Bank on the country’s budgetary and macroeconomic situation, and on Tuesday they heard from the head of defence.

The parties will also discuss nuclear power stations with FANC, the Federal Nuclear Control Agency.

Photo: Jonas Roossens/Belga

Written by Helen Lyons