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Two weeks ago I asked about payment in advance or after service expanding a sluggish independent activity. I go some vert useful suggestions and that matter is settled. Now I would like to try Google Adwords, but after some reading and videos I got turned off by the complexity and opacity. I called some companies and individuals who do consultancy for this, but nobody was interested in providing initial help for a very small endeavor.
Does anybody know someone who can help with this for a reasonable price? They don't have to be professionals in the field, just someone who understands it well and can put in a couple of hours with me. It shouldn't be difficult because it is one specific service almost entirely limited to graduate students and researchers. I can offer to make some payment.


If you have a service that is targeted specifically at graduate students and researchers, wouldn't it be much better just to approach universities directly?

I've got experience of google adwords, and I can assure you it is very complex and opaque. You may be better off using something like Facebook advertising as there you really can limit your ads to a very specific demographic.

However, as I said above, I think you're trying the wrong way. Go to libraries, student pubs, student unions, university departments and see if you can flypost, or find ways to put ads up on their online departmental notice boards etc. etc. Also, try asking advice at places like the Brussels pages on Reddit, or find other online communities of young people.

Oct 30, 2018 11:52