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good swimming instructor


Can anyone recommend a good swimming instructor and English speaking for private classes in a Brussels swimming pool? This would be for adults (1 or 2 persons) willing to improve their swimming.


in case you are still looking for an instructor, I was a professional swimmer for 12 years and national champion, albeit in Slovenia. I have experience in training adults and teaching them to improve their swimming techniques. If you are interested in private training sessions, please contact me at tadotado (at)

Dec 17, 2015 08:42

Every swimming pool in Brussels has swimming instructors. You just have to ask the list of the swimming instructors in the swimming pool you want to learn swimming (list of the swimming pools in Brussels: I know a very good swimming instructor with lots of experience. He works at the Poseidon swimming pool (woluwe-saint-lambert), he speaks enough English to teach you how to swim. Adults or children.

Jan 15, 2016 12:29

His name is Serge

Jan 15, 2016 12:30