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Good Dutch kindergarten in Uccle?



Does anyone know a good Dutch kindergarten (kleuteronderwijs?) in Ukkel?

Also, can anyone tell me the procedures, what I should be looking for, etc? My little guy is only 10 months old, but apparently it's time to sign up for schools already!

Thank you.


Here is the link on how to enrol for a Brussels kleuterschool. Look at the timeline – this year it was November and December for “open days” or information evenings at school, February for first enrolments when there is no sibling priority. The website will be updated  soon, so look out for the new dates for 2012-2013 intake. I’m guessing though that your child is born November 2010? If this is the case, they cannot go to school until September 2013 and will enter erste kleuter (skipping onthaal), enrolment is therefore in February 2013 (if the same as this year still). There is no harm however in taking the next year to decide.


Here is a link to the list of 7 Ukkel kleuterscholen and basischolen (kleuter + lagere) but you can choose any school, not limited to the gemeente you live in, however I’d recommend at that age to stay as close as possible to home. To search other Brussels gemeente, just change in top right had corner.

Sep 14, 2011 09:36