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Good Club for a Mature Dancer


I am in my late 30's, married, and looking for a good dance club. I realize most clubs have a meat market aspect but would like to go dancing in a place where there aren't too many young'uns and people just want to dance. I will be alone so it should be in a relatively safe area. I love salsa and hip hop.

Any recommendations? TIA -- I am dying to get my groove on. BTW, Did you know Pump up the Jam was made by a Belgian artist. That was the soundtrack to my college years but I had no clue until this week!

Laura Ann

You could always check out this link: I haven't been there myself before, but their pictures appear to suggest that they cater for a wide variety of ages/styles, they're fairly central and their schedule is pretty flexible. Good luck!

Jan 6, 2012 23:54