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Good and reliable plumber in Brussels (English speaking?)


Does anyone know a good plumber who can repair a boiler? I have already tried 'my plumber', but was disappointed as he spent 10 minutes looking at the boiler, several sharp intakes of breath. It cost over 100 Euros to tell me why it would be a complicated job. Depsite promise of follow-up, nothing. I would be grateful if someone can recommend a reliable plumber they have used. If non-english speaking, I will find someone to translate! thanks


I can't help directly but I wonder whether the boiler is connected to your central heating system and, if so, how old it is.
I was in a similar situation with a 20 year old boiler and someone asked if I had considered replacement. Modern boilers are far more efficient and much cheaper to run and you will get a grant towards the cost - not a huge grant but every little helps.
I went down that road, kept a close eye on consumption and was amazed at how quickly the new one had paid for itself.

Sep 1, 2016 14:02

Grants for new boilers have disappeared, at least in Wallonie.

Sep 1, 2016 14:03

Happy to recommend Gary Kavanagh of
Tel: 0491 985 511 He is fully registered. I've used him a couple of times and been very satisfied with his work and prices.

Sep 2, 2016 13:00

But the poster says he/she used my plumber and was not satisfied!

I can see both sides as used him once and he was superb but the second time he needed three calls and then did not show!

Sep 4, 2016 17:14

Why dont you try a small company which I have found fantastic : Belectro : they serviced my boiler, were reliable and efficient

Sep 4, 2016 17:16