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Going rates for A-level IB tutor.


I'm considering doing some tutoring while here in Brussels, it would be for students taking maths A-level or IB (i.e. 16-18 year old High school students). I am unsure though on what rates I should charge. Has anyone got an idea of a ball park figure ?


20-30 euro per hour

Jan 28, 2014 23:46

That would also depend if you are (or have to) to declare your income. 20-30€ will not leave much after tax, Xerius contributions etc. You may want to factor in travel expenses and travelling time too if not working from home.

If you are a qualified and experienced teacher you may wish to charge more.

Jan 29, 2014 11:50

Yes, it varies from 18-30 per hour depending on your particular skills

Feb 3, 2014 12:36

I am looking for a Maths Tutor for my daughter. If you are interested, could you please put your email on this site (add an "x" so you don't get spam). Thanks in advance

Feb 3, 2014 15:00

Thanks very much for all of your answers - very useful to have a range in mind. My email is to the poster who is looking for a tutor.

Feb 6, 2014 17:19