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I am looking for a place to buy a globe in Brussels. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for all responses

Mark L-W

Try Standaard Boekhandel
If they do not stock them they will now where you can find one.

Oct 28, 2017 18:19

The most complete map store in Brussels (but they are closed THIS week Mon through Wed for the holiday):
Anticyclones des Açores
Ouvert du lundi à samedi de 11h à 18h.
Wolvengracht 34 Rue Fossé aux Loups
1000 Brussel / Bruxelles
Tel. 02/217.52.46

Oct 28, 2017 20:51

Or try :

Institut Géographique national  

Adresse : Abbaye de la Cambre 13, 1000 Bruxelles
Téléphone : 02 629 82 82

Oct 28, 2017 20:56

Also type in Globes on Google search engine. On example is:

Oct 29, 2017 13:47
Emille B.

In all Fun shops in belgium , one can buy a globe , even on line in their webshop , look for "wereldbol " in the search area ( they claimed ).
But there is far more fun in Belgium .

Oct 30, 2017 13:21

You could try Papeterie du Parc Leopold down the Rue Belliard, corner with Rue Froissart. Expensive stationers but lovely items. Closed on Saturdays

Nov 8, 2017 16:32