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Giving birth - Delta vs. Iris-Sud


Hello, as I just got pregnant, I am trying to find good English speaking gynecologist (Schuman area), but also I would like him/her to follow up my pregnancy and be on delivery, if possible. Because of location, I thought Iris-Sud hospital would be the best. Does someone have an experience with that hospital and a doctor to recommend?
I am also considering Delta hospital, but am a bit concerned about the costs since that one is private.
Someone knows what is the difference in costs & quality between public and private hospital? I have hospital and additional Partena insurance.
Thank you in advance!

Frank Lee

Semantically, there's a huge difference between "I just got pregnant" and "I just learned I was pregnant."

Feb 8, 2020 14:46

I don't know about Delta being private. If you are willing to share a room, you should not have much to pay for your stay. Your 'additional' insurance might pay for a single room.

Partena should be able to answer these questions.

Delta is new with a very good maternity ward.

Feb 9, 2020 10:58

Delta is a private hospital. Even if you share ( is it possible), the costs will be significantly more for the same than IRIS ixelles-etterbeek.

IRIS is the only public hospital network in Brussels, the public rooms are single ones by default.

Do more research and your head should indicate the one to choose.

Partena is in the name of 2 mutuelles partena ozv and partenamut. The both sell additional hospitalisation insurance and you should never ever assume this insurance will cover the most expensive maternity ward in Belgium.

Feb 9, 2020 14:35