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Giving birth in Belgium


Hi everyone,
I have a question concerning giving birth in Iris Sud Hospital in Ixelles. I'm nearing the end of my pregnancy and unfortunately, as I am fairly new in Brussels, the mutuelle has put me on a probation period of 6 months (I think they were just trying to get out of paying for the pregnancy/birth) since I haven't received my resident card yet.
I' even been seeing my doctor in her private office and not the hospital so I've never really had the opportunity to ask about the cost since we will be paying for everything -even though the mutuelle has said that they will reimburse me after the 6month period is over.
Does anyone have an idea of what the cost will be? I will be having a caesarean as I have a very stubborn daughter who has decided to stay breached! I will definitely not be opting for a private room as well.



Seeing the doctor privately is a big mistake, because it gives them the scope to charge you a lot more. There can be different rates for "private" treatment.

The Mutuelle will kick in after a qualifying period. Until then, you are still covered by your previous healthcare arrangements/insurance.

You will not be having a caesarean unless there is a genuine medical need. Elective caesareans are not allowed - you cannot "choose" to have one. (sounds like you're OK on that one though)

Make sure you chose a public hospital with a shared ward. I you chose a private room and do not have "hospitalisation" cover, the costs will go through the roof.

Nov 14, 2015 08:12

If you think that your mutuelle said that they will reimburse you after the six-month waiting period (it is actually longer for pregnancy related matters) expires, you are wrong.

I assume that you didn't move to Bruxelles from elsewhere in the EU as, if you did, you should have had papers from your old health cover scheme which would have enabled the mutuelle to provide you with more or less immediate cover, although I found five years ago that the time taken for the "system" to provide the necessary Belgian registration documentation was an issue in this respect.

Nov 14, 2015 10:14

Thanks for your reply guys.
In answer to your questions, I do actually come from an EU country, where I was privately insured by my employer before moving here. Therefore after my resignation, my coverage was cancelled. I did ask for the European health card (something like that anyway), but they told me it's only suitable if you're in another eu country for holidays.
The biggest problem is caused by the fact that my partner is a diplomat (privately insured by embassy and not a mutuelle), and I am currently unemployed. They gave me a NISS number from the commune but not an actual ID card (which they warned me might take up to 3!! months) which is supposedly the reason why the mutuelle has agreed to cover me but is keeping me in this 'unofficial' status. It's bureaucracy gone wild!
This unofficial status is the reason why the hospital is demanding a full payment. They've called it a "security deposit" in case something goes wrong. And that's the reason why I was asking for the costs of the hospitals here (and specifically iris Sud in ixelles).

Nov 14, 2015 14:52

The caesarian should be around 4000 EUR, but you should ask the hospital to give you an estimation in advance. Hospitals do not refuse that, at least three other hospitals which I have asked in the past. Formally you cannot ask for a caesarian but actually it is not a problem if you have a private doctor. And if the baby's position is not head-down, you will certainly have one.

For the mutuelle problem, I cannot help but the practice is that the unemployed spouse is added to the insurance of the working one. Your husband should re-check with his insurer. The EU health card also can be used if you start giving birth and have no other coverage. I suggest you search for an expert advice, not forums, while you still have time:).
Good luck! Whoever pays, you will have the baby delivered safely and that's the most important!

Nov 14, 2015 17:31

Yes, you should be covered by the partner's insurance. It is ludicrous that his child should not be covered by his insurance.

Nov 14, 2015 20:13

We only paid a small amount with the intervention of the mutuelle ofcourse but if I'm not mistaken our hospital bill was more than 6000 euros (4Days and in a double bedroom).We paid my pre-natal checked up bills seperately.

Nov 14, 2015 23:34
Cirage 219

May one ask which country you came from

Nov 15, 2015 18:29

I am actually surprised that your commune commenced the process of registration as they are supposed to demand evidence that health insurance is in place (usually by affiliation to a mutuelle). In practice they know that there is a chicken and egg situation since the mutuelle won't usually complete your affiliation before registration is complete, but they get round this by asking to see confirmation that the mutuelle has received documentation (from your or your partner's employer if employed or from your former EU country of residence otherwise) that will enable it to complete affiliation in due course. Otherwise they want to see proof of adequate private insurance being in place. This is all intended to ensure that you don't become a burden on CPAS funds. The final alternative is that the commune does refuse to register you and you are instructed to leave Belgium.
It does seem to me that you should be registered as the dependent of a diplomat (i.e. your partner) although this status would change should you become employed. Is there perhaps some good reason why this isn't the case - does he have a spouse back in his own country?

Nov 15, 2015 21:39

Hi! Long shot but I am posting in case Myrtovic is still around :-) I am finding myself in a similarly unique situation and was wondering how she overcame the hurdles. Merci!

Jan 24, 2019 10:30