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Getting a loan in Belgium


Hy everyone, i'am trying to get a loan and any bank doesn't want to give to me. I'am working with one interim office and from 1st of april i will have a fixed contract directly with the company. My salary is 15.8/ hour and i have worked more then 6 months every day. Can somebody give some advice or help me? I JUST WANT TO BORROW 6000 EURO FOR 2 YEARS. REGARDS DANNY


Rules on lending are very strict in Belgium. If your bank thinks that you aren't suitable for a loan of € 6.000, it is unlikely that anyone else will have a more positive view.

Your quoted salary puzzles me, salaries are normally quoted on a gross (brut) monthly basis here and not as so much an hour. If you really are being paid by the hour, I think that that explains why you can't get a loan.

Mar 20, 2018 21:54

You need several months of payslips as a non-interim, and you need to show that you have saved up at least enough to pay off the loan every month, so by now, you should have over €1000 in the bank. Apply in September with €2000 saved up and it won't be a problem.

Mar 21, 2018 00:22

Harsh as if sounds its unlikely you will get a loan here unlike some placez say UK which has massive levels of personal unsecured debt the Belgians tend to save first sppend later. You will maybe have to ask family or friends but i dont imagine many folks will easily lend €6000 no idea why you need it but maybe rethink your plans if possible start saving now

Mar 21, 2018 09:40

The problem is that a lender has no way to recover the debt if the borrower defaults on repayments and the lender has not confirmed that the borrower has the means to repay the debt. That is the law in Belgium.
Would you lend €6,000 to someone without being confident of their ability to repay you? Someone who has a fixed contract and a regular income.

Mar 21, 2018 12:20