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Getting back the safety deposit.



Once again, I'm the classical case of "moved to Belgium, didn't know any better and paid the safety deposit directly to the landlord via bank transfer, as well as didn't do the inventory check."

Now, after moving out of the apartment 1.5 months ago the landlord has stopped responding to my requests of doing the final utility calculations and returning the safety deposit.

As far as I understand, the next step for me is to send a registered letter of "Mise en demeure". But unfortunately I don't have his residence address - only his name, phone number and identity card number.

Should I file a complaint with the police, or they won't help with such matters?

I'd greatly appreciate any advice on this.

Thanks in advance!


You send it registered (Recommandé avec accusé de réception) to whatever the landlords address is that is stated on the rent contract.

Nov 17, 2022 23:38