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German/Swiss Shepherd cross puppies


we adopted a Swiss Shepherd cross dog from a local refuge -- the icing on the cake was she was pregnant!! (the deed having been done we calculate about 5-10 days before we got her! (a not very good suprise!)

We now have 7 German/Swiss shepherd puppies (we are guessing teh father type from the look of the pups. The refuge will take them at 8 weeks -- but I am hesitant as I'm not convinced by their vetting.

Basically -- if anyone would be interested in German/Swiss shepherd cross pups -- then I will have some available in about 7 weeks. The only cost is covering the vet bill - ie first vaccine and chipping and passport paperwork (looking at around €100). If no takers - they will go to the refuge who will do the chipping and vaccinations and then adopt out at a higher charge than that --- So -- If you are looking for a German Shepherd cross, have a good size garden and want what will be a good size dog (a dog is for life -- not just till summer comes!) then leave your email and I'll send you details -- Am in the Liege area


Thank you for the helpful answer -- I guess your solution would be to drown them? Fortunately I actually care for animals and am trying to home the end result of a dogs "one night stand" prior to my ownership.

Mar 26, 2012 14:40