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German Shepherd dog breeders


I wish to buy a German Shepherd puppy and would be most grateful if anyone knows of a reputable German Shepherd dog breeder.


Stop encouraging people to breed and go and get yourself one from a shelter

Aug 22, 2014 10:18

Check Shelters - they often have pups -- we got our GSD/SwissShepherd/Husky from a shelter (she wasn't a pup -- but there were several GSD puppies there at the time (she happened to be pregnant though!! We now have 3 dogs!!

Shelters are overflowing -- you will find a shelter dog highly appreciative of the new chance you give him/her

If considering a GSD - then a lot of time will be needed training etc -- not good to leave at home all day - Plus the obvious which I am sure you have considered -- dogs live a long time and that cute little pup will grow into a big dog that is part of family for it's entire life.

Aug 22, 2014 15:51

The equivalent of the kennel club is sint Hubert's.
So if you look at their site they will have a list of quality breeder they approve of for health etc. they will be pricey mind because they work to high standards.
, that said I agree if you take a rescue dog is would be a nice idea, lots of larger dogs aren't re homed. Sad to say. Just got mine via arca noah, flown in from Spain arrived today, picked her up in the Netherlands. check the website.
Maybe they will have a nice dog for you.
All the best what ever you decide.

Aug 25, 2014 23:28